Geyb: Shining Example of Hasek's Heroes

Geybrielle Maasin: The Star of Our Videos and a Shining Example of Hasek's Heroes

Geybrielle Maasin, affectionately known as Geyb, has quickly become a standout in the Hasek's Heroes program and the star of our promotional videos for the upcoming Dominator's Breakaway Challenge. Geyb's journey with us began just earlier this year, and his story is a testament to the power of dedication, hard work, practice and community support.

A Remarkable Beginning

Geyb joined Hasek's Heroes through one of our partner programs with Catholic Academy, participating in a learn-to-skate program. From the moment he stepped onto the ice, it was clear that Geyb had a natural talent for skating. His passion for the ice grew rapidly, and soon he was introduced to hockey. Embracing the sport with enthusiasm, Geyb joined our 10U team and quickly developed into one of the top players!

Dedication and Hard Work

What sets Geyb apart is not just his talent but his incredible dedication. He was at the rink every single day after school, attending public skates at Bud Bakewell to hone his skills and have fun on the ice. His commitment paid off as he became one of the standout players on our 10U team, impressing everyone with his rapid improvement and strong work ethic.

Giving Back to the Community

Geyb's contributions to Hasek's Heroes extend beyond his performance on the ice. Along with his teammates Kevin O'Connor Jr., Hamdan Elmouss, and Jayden Doyle, Geyb volunteered to help coach younger skaters in our learn-to-skate and learn-to-play programs this past season. These young athletes not only excel in their own right but also inspire and mentor the next generation of skaters, embodying the spirit of Hasek's Heroes.

Quote from Coach Joe Lo Tempio, Program Coordinator of Hasek's Heroes:

"We want to create the next generation of coaches and leaders. Geyb and his teammates exemplify this goal. They not only work hard to improve their own skills but also give back to the community, helping younger kids learn the game. It's amazing to see the love they have for this awesome game"

Making Hockey Accessible and Special

At Hasek's Heroes, we strive to make hockey accessible and special for all kids. Our program provides opportunities for underprivileged youth in Buffalo to play hockey for free, supplying all necessary equipment and training. This commitment to accessibility ensures that financial barriers do not prevent kids from enjoying this amazing game.

To enhance the experience for our players and their families, we even broadcast their games live on YouTube through the Nickel City Hockey Network. This allows parents and family members to watch the games from anywhere, making every moment memorable and special.

Join Us for the Dominator's Breakaway Challenge


Geyb's story is just one example of the incredible impact Hasek's Heroes has on our community. We invite you to be part of this journey by joining us for the Dominator's Breakaway Challenge. This event not only honors Dominik Hasek, our founder, and his legendary shootout success but also raises funds to support our programs. By participating, you help us continue to provide these amazing opportunities for youth in our community.

Let's make this tournament an unforgettable experience and continue to support the next generation of hockey players and leaders.

Thank you for your support, and we look forward to seeing you on the ice!

Geyb's journey with Hasek's Heroes is a shining example of what our program is all about: nurturing talent, fostering community, and creating opportunities for all children to experience the joy and life lessons that hockey offers. Join us in celebrating these young athletes and supporting our mission.