Honoring Dominik Hasek

Honoring Dominik Hasek: The Dominator's Breakaway Challenge

Join us in celebrating the legacy of Dominik Hasek, the legendary goaltender and founder of Hasek's Heroes, with the Dominator's Breakaway Challenge. This thrilling event pays tribute to Hasek's remarkable success in shootouts, a fitting homage to his incredible career in the game of hockey.

At Hasek's Heroes, we believe in providing opportunities for kids in our community to play hockey for free. The Dominator's Breakaway Challenge serves as a fundraising tournament to support our program and continue offering this incredible opportunity to youth in our community.

Not only does this event honor Dominik Hasek, but it also embodies the values and life lessons instilled in our program. Through hockey, we teach discipline, teamwork, resilience, and leadership—skills that extend far beyond the rink and into the lives of our players.

Join us for the Dominator's Breakaway Challenge and be a part of something truly special—an event that not only celebrates hockey but also supports the growth and development of our youth both on and off the ice. Together, we can continue to make a difference in the lives of young athletes in our community.


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  • Please reach out to Coach Joe if you have any questions:

    • Joe Lo Tempio  716-226-6182   Joe@haseksheroes.org